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Experiment: will the air filter become new if you wash it in a typewriter

Poverty is not a vice, but a motivation. There’s more about money, but where are we and where are they? And the car needs to be serviced: spring, summer cottage, hopes for Anapa. And in order for the sob, which is time for disassembly, to reach the end point, you must at least wave the candles, filters and oil. We cross out the candles right away – it’s expensive. Let’s soak in a devilish cocktail of all the liquids found in the garage and rub it with a rag. New, still like, even the electrode is still visible.

Oil is a problem. Gutalin, not oil. You should look at the discounts, and then read on the Internet that it doesn’t matter what kind of lubricant is in the motor, the main thing is to change it more often. The oil filter by a cunning marketer, sharpened to enrich transnational corporations by selecting the latter from the population, is made inseparable. It wouldn’t be like in Moskvich: he unwound the flask, took it out, washed it with diesel fuel, and put it back. Everywhere they pull a penny mercantile!

Whether the case “air”. The raking hands have not yet reached: everything is visible, accessible, you can use it forever. On the Internet they write that it is enough to just vacuum it, and then wash it in a typewriter until the wife sees it. And it will be, they say, like from the factory, only better. Seriously?

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