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Federation Council deprives insurers of access to technical inspection

Recently, members of the Federation Council have noticeably stepped up their activity in the field of automotive legislation. They loudly lobby the interests of the owners of traffic police cameras, advocating the revival of fines for average speed. They demand to “tighten the screws” regarding electric scooters. And now they also want to reshape the inspection system: a group of members of the Federation Council submitted a bill to the State Duma that removes the maintenance system from the jurisdiction of the Russian Union of Motor Insurers (RSA) and transfers it under the wing of Rosakkreditatsiya.

This step is motivated by the standard – the fight against the “left” diagnostic cards that the PGTO issue (for bribes) to car owners who do not provide their cars for verification. The government does not appear to be opposed to the proposed transfer. For some reason, the authors of the novel are sure that if the owner of the inspection point pays for accreditation not to the RSA, but to the state bureaucratic structure, this will immediately make him “white and fluffy” – downright physically incapable of cheating with diagnostic cards.

And for government officials, such a change, perhaps, is beneficial. Rosakkreditatsiya will be able to significantly expand its staff and receive additional funding. And in parallel, its employees will receive a new potential source of bribes – in the form of owners of the PGTO who have been caught on some violations.

Recall that the Ministry of Internal Affairs also “grinds its teeth” on the technical inspection system. The police are demanding that the government allow them to cancel any suspicious diagnostic card without first opening an administrative case or investigation. What will give the authorized employees a powerful lever of pressure on the owners of the PGTO – after the cancellation of two diagnostic cards, the license for maintenance is canceled at the point that issued them.

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