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Ferrari flies on the stock exchange and surpasses Stellantis

DEEP GROWTHStellar loses the primacy of car manufacturer with the best performing stock in Europe. To surpass it in momentum is the Ferrari, which in the last twelve months has grown on the stock exchange by over 64%, with an increase in the value of the share from just over 180 euros last May to around 270 euros today. The market value of the Maranello house has reached i 49.2 billion of euros, against the 47.1 billion by Stellantis. A dizzying growth to say the least, in line with that recorded by companies producing fine goods, such as Louis Vuitton: just think that in October 2015, when it was still controlled by Fiat Chrysler, merged in 2021 into Stellantis after the merger with French giant PSA, the Prancing Horse had reached a capitalization of around 9.2 billion euros.

LIKE A HIGH FASHION HOUSE – The last thrust on the accelerator of the Ferrari it was registered between 2 and 5 May, when the share gained more than 7%, going from 249 euros to 269 euros per share. Since its split from the FCA group in 2015, i returns overall figures of the Maranello house have reached 500%: ten times as much, on average, compared to the results obtained by other car manufacturers. Performances that, on the stock market, equate Ferrari to luxury giants operating outside the car, such as the French couture houses Hermès and Chanel. Such high percentages of growth in the value of the brand are the reflection of a demand which, among the wealthy customers of the Prancing Horse brand, has not suffered any contraction due to the effect of the uncertainty of the current economic context, in sharp contrast with the rest of the economy, which instead continues to suffer heavy repercussions.

LUXURY KNOWS NO CRISIS – In 2022 the Ferrari has sold worldwide 13.221 auto (Who to find out more), 18.5% more than in 2021, and demand is also on the rise in 2023. Very low numbers, obviously, if compared with those of Stellantis, and in the same period, considering sales of all 14 member brands, delivered nearly 5.8 million vehicles. The giant born from the merger between PSA and FCA, however, recorded a decline in sales in the first quarter of this year in Europe, suffering the negative effects of inflation and the increase in interest rates. Problems completely unrelated to the Prancing Horse, which the stock market continues to whiz by with records.

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