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The police neutralized the gang that stole approximately $2 million worth of neutralizers.

catalytic converter

Federal authorities claim that between 2022 and 2023, attackers carved valuable components from at least 471 vehicles in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

The craftsmen so honed their skills that they could remove a part from a car in less than a minute, and that on one occasion they managed to steal a total of 26 catalytic converters in one night. The criminal group included seven people aged 25 to 37 years.

All seven are charged with conspiracy to commit theft, transport of stolen property and illegal trade.

It is established that the head of the Torres gang earned from 30 thousand to 80 thousand dollars a week with the help of this criminal business.

The gang members are also involved in the robbery of two jewelry stores. All suspects will soon appear in court in Boston.

“Driving” can be viewed on YouTube

Source: Carscoops

Photo: Youtube video screenshot

Behind the wheel

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