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Fisker Ocean will also be Force E

BORN FOR OFFROAD – The American company is working on a more powerful version of its electric SUV Fisker Ocean. It’s about the Ocean Force E and aims to improve performance in offroad of the American car thanks to a higher ground clearance, improved characteristic angles, specific shock absorbers and off-road tires mounted on 20-inch alloy wheels. All starting from the Fisker Ocean Extreme and its electric unit capable of delivering a power of 550 hp. The interior has been made mud-proof with rubber floor coverings, while on the outside a roof rack allows you to carry the necessary equipment for the adventure. When it launches, the Force E package it can be installed on four-wheel drive Oceans with Extreme or Ultra trim levels.

> Above the Ocean Force E, below the standard Ocean.

SOFTWARE PROBLEMS – But first the Fisker will have to solve the youth problems of the Ocean. In fact, as reported Bloombergit seems that the builder is going towards delivery delays of the Ocean due to software problems, already experienced by other manufacturers such as Volkswagen and Tesla. The first Ocean was delivered to a Danish customer last week, but according to some it would have already returned to the Magna plant in Austria, precisely due to software problems that would have made it unusable. The CEO of the company, Henrik Fisker, instead assured that the car is still in Copenhagen.

LESS PRODUCTION – Sources of Bloomberg have confirmed that the software of the car is prone to problems technicians and may take months to resolve. The consequence? Some vehicles may use simpler software which would limit their speed. However Fisker has denied this possibility. However, yesterday the American company reduced Ocean’s production forecasts by at least 15%, according to it due to lengthy regulatory approvals and the lower availability of suppliers. The production forecast will therefore be between 32,000 and 36,000 vehicles in 2023, less than the 42,400 initially forecast. In addition, Fisker has also postponed the launch of its second electric model, the Pear.

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