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Five years worth a billion: the big problems of the Russian car industry

– And what about high-rise buildings, which are now being actively erected in big cities. There aren’t enough parking spaces for everyone. And yes, it may not be enough.

– Enough room for everyone. A prime example here is China. Putting charging poles near parking lots is not so difficult. The main problem is infrastructure costs.

Investments in EZS can be quite substantial. And the cost of charging will depend on this. For example, in Beijing, “refueling” an electric car is already more expensive than filling a tank of gasoline.

– Tell me, how much easier or more difficult is it to design electric vehicles compared to traditional cars?

– Creating an electric car from scratch is as difficult as making a car with a familiar motor. But if you remake the finished body for an electric car, then this is much easier, if only because the problems of the steering suspension and other things have already been resolved. Placing a traction battery is also not a question, because you do not need to install such components as an engine, an exhaust system and a gas tank. There are a lot of spaces. Here Tesla is a difficult project. Because it was originally designed as a 100% electric car.

Here we note that all eminent automakers followed the same path. Consider, for example, Volkswagen e-Golf or Opel Corsa-e. AVTOVAZ also said its word by presenting LADA Ellada. Togliatti residents placed an innovative “stuffing” in the serial body of “Kalina”

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