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For sale unique BMW 1M in new condition

There are less than a thousand of these cars.

Behind the wheel

A 2011 BMW 1M with 153 miles (246 kilometers) has been put up for sale in the US. The announcement appeared on the Enthusiast Auto Group website.

The text says that the car is in perfect condition, was stored in a closed garage with climate control, and never even spent the night outdoors. Judging by the photographs, there are no damages or just traces of operation on the body or in the cabin.

Behind the wheelBehind the wheel

The coupe engine is a 3-liter supercharged in-line “six” with a capacity of 340 hp, the gearbox is a 5-speed manual. Rear drive.

Behind the wheel

BMW 1M for the North American market was made in the amount of 983 pieces, 739 cars fell into the hands of private traders in the USA, and for this particular seller he wants $ 190,990 (15.4 million rubles).

“Driving” can be read in Viber

Source: Enthusiast Auto Group

Photo: Enthusiast Auto Group

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