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For Stellantis e-fuel proof engines

E-FUEL FOR 28 MILLION ENGINES – Although CEO Carlos Tavares has reiterated that the transition to electric will not be influenced by e-fuelthe Stellantis group is testing i synthetic fuels out of 28 families of engines to combustion. This with a view to a potential reduction in emissions for 28 million heat engines built in Europe since 2014, therefore compliant with the legislation Euro 6both diesel and petrol. The protocol includes tests on exhaust emissions, starting ability, engine power, reliability, interactions with the lubricating oil, tank, filters and fuel system.

CLEAN CARS WITHOUT CHANGING THEM – The goal remains to sell only electric vehicles in the Old Continent by the end of the decade. However, second Stellar broad adoption of e-fuels would be a simple and cost-effective option for decarbonise their cars without the need to replace them. The use of e-fuels on the Stellantis car fleet in circulation could allow, according to estimates, a reduction of up to 400 million tons of CO2 between 2025 and 2040 in Europe. “We need to find smart alternatives to manage emissions for the existing 1.3 billion ICE cars,” Tavares said.

GO ELECTRIC – In parallel Stellantis continues towards the long-term strategic plan Dare Forward 2030 which provides for investments of over 30 billion euros in electrification by 2025. The goal is to achieve a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030 compared to 2021 and to eliminate them completely by 2038.

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