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For the absence of which documents, the traffic police actually stopped fining drivers

Although “draw” it using a computer and then print it out is within the power of any motorist. Even to those who have never bought a “car citizen”. Be that as it may, but for the inspectors, it makes sense to demand from the driver at each check of documents that the policy also disappeared almost completely. What do those car owners who actually do not buy insurance use now. When meeting with the traffic police, they say that they do not carry a policy with them because in most cases the police do not ask for it anyway. After all, in order to bring the cunning to clean water, the traffic police officer must specifically “break through” him through departmental databases. And this rarely happens in the process of routine verification of documents.

It is curious, but now it is quite possible to forget the “rights” at home and drive without them. At least in Moscow, where each traffic police crew has a “tablet” connected to departmental “information”. You present your passport to the employee and he, having thus established your identity, finds out whether the citizen standing in front of him has a VU or not. If the current “crust” exists in nature and there are no more claims from the inspector to the driver, then the forgetful driver will most likely go on as if nothing had happened.

Thus, in order not to be afraid of problems from the traffic police in terms of documents, it is enough for the driver to carry only an STS car and his own passport with him. And the “rights” and the OSAGO policy can lie down at home.

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