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Formula 1, Azerbaijan GP 2023: Perez wins. Ranking and calendar

RED BULL STILL UNBEATABLE – Barring unexpected revolutions, the 2023 drivers’ and constructors’ titles will, once again, be the exclusive prerogative of Red Bull. In the Azerbaijan GP 2023 Of Formula 1 we have had confirmation that the Milton Keynes stable is impregnable for everyone, even for a revived Ferrarithat with Leclerc however she managed to conquer a precious third place, which is added to the second place obtained in yesterday’s sprint race. But in terms of pace and tire wear, Red Bull is absolutely superior to all and proved it today, with the easy victory of Perezwho even managed to beat his teammate Verstappen.

FOURTH ALONSO – Worth mentioning is the excellent fourth place of Alonso With the’Aston Martinwhich precedes the other Ferrari of Sainz.

20 SECONDS – Leclerc was in any case good at keeping both Alonso and the Mercedes behind him. But when every time he saw the Red Bulls in the mirrors he could not help but see them parade. At the end of the race he ended up with ben 20 seconds of detachmentdefinitely too much for a team that at the beginning of the year had very different ambitions.

THE DEPARTURE – At the departure of the Gp Leclerc was very good at keeping the Red Bulls behind, which, however, as soon as they were able to activate the DRS, managed to overcome the Monegasque with disarming ease. On the fourth lap it was Verstappen who passed the Ferrari on the finish straight and on the sixth he had to surrender to Perez.

GALEOTTA WAS THE SAFETY CAR – On lap 12 the riders took advantage of the safety car, entry for De Vries’ single-seater stopped on the track, to make a stop. Perez and Leclerc entered, while Verstappen was penalised, losing two positions to Perez and Leclerc. At the restart, on lap 14, the Dutchman immediately passed the Monegasque of the Ferrari, setting off in pursuit of Perez. Sainz’s other Ferrari was instead overtaken by Alonso. The race then continued without any other jolts, with the two Red Bulls finishing 2 seconds apart.

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