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Formula 1, Miami GP 2023: Verstappen wins. Ranking and calendar

ON ANOTHER PLANETFormula 1 or Formula Red Bull? After Miami GP 2023 we can lean more towards this second hypothesis. Red Bull has in fact confirmed itself as one perfect car, who travels on real tracks, unapproachable by his opponents. At the moment the only driver who manages to finish on the podium more regularly is a certain Fernando Alonso, who has shown that he did very well in switching from Alpine to Aston Martin. Just to give an idea of ​​Red Bull’s superiority, just think that Verstappen, who started ninth, was already second after 15 laps. A superiority technique indisputable. Perez, who instead started from pole position, had to settle for second place, but after all, with such an unleashed Verstappen there was very little they could do.

FERRARI STILL BEHIND – The Ferrariin perpetual suffering, must be satisfied with the quinto he was born in seventh place by Sainz and Leclerc. So two steps behind Baku. In Maranello they have to work above all on tire wear in the race, an aspect in which Red Bull, but also their rivals, are definitely ahead.

THE CHRONICLE – From the very first laps it was understood that the victory question of Miami GP 2023 Of Formula 1 it was an internal struggle between the two Red Bull drivers. On the fourth lap Verstappen, with a deadly overtaking, got rid of both Magnussen and Leclerc on the finish straight. Then the Dutchman put Russel and Gasly in his sights, finding each other again second after just 15 laps. So another sport. On lap 19 Sainz made his pit stop and rejoined the track behind Hamilton, but then managed to overtake him to sixth place. The Spaniard received a 5-second penalty for speeding in the pit lane.

Verstappen he takes advantage of Perez’s break to move into first place and in the 33rd lap he makes his own fast ride. Great difficulty for Sainz, who is unable to make good use of the tires, and on lap 37 he is overtaken by Russell. The Dutchman from Red Bull continues to turn up space timessigning an incredible 1’31″004 with the hard tire with which he started. On lap 43 Verstappen has 18 seconds on Perez and 33 on Alonso. Followed by Russell, Sainz, Gasly and Leclerc. On lap 45 Verstappen stops and returns behind by Perez Thanks to the fresh rubber in lap 47 the Dutchman gets rid of his team mate and continues his triumphal ride towards victory.

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