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Four corpses near the tank: the Germans told how the Russians would burn the vaunted Leopard

According to the German expert, most of the models of Russian tanks fighting in Ukraine are inferior in terms of their set of characteristics to the Leopard-2. This is how he speaks of various modifications of the T-62, T-64, as well as the modernized T-72B3M, T-80BVM. And only the modern T-90 is considered by the author of the material to be equal to the German “armor”. He states that the anti-tank cannon shells currently at the disposal of Russian tankers cannot effectively hit modern Leopard-2s head-on.

However, in an offensive environment, the defending side will always have many opportunities to hit the German vehicles on the side. In addition, the use of powerful Invar guided missiles launched directly from the barrel of a tank gun will help the domestic military to knock out the “German” in a duel at a long distance.

Thus, the German author expects that the spring offensive will by no means be a cakewalk for Western equipment that has come into the possession of the Ukronazis. Rather, the opposite!

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