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Free cheese: how car services breed car owners when replacing consumables

Most of the offers to potential customers that will be discussed in this material boil down to a simple phrase in an Internet ad or on a street banner: “replacement of something there is free.” Such a technique attracts individuals who are ready, believing in the existence of a “freebie”, to try to save on anything. Moreover, citizens are often inclined to such behavior, which by no means can be classified as low-income or narrow-minded.

The most common “free” service is associated with changing the engine oil. Well, it sounds beautiful: “change the oil for free”! Subconsciously, a potential client expects that he will come to such a service station and leave with new oil in the engine without paying a dime. Of course, it doesn’t work that way. Conditionally “free” can only be considered the work of a specialist in changing the lubricant. And then only on condition that the client buys it right on the spot. If he brings the canister with him, then the master will have to pay 500-1000 rubles for the work, depending on the complexity of the replacement and the greed of the owner of the service.

Well, if you still decide to buy oil from a service station, you will find that it costs much more here than even in a neighboring store. Just about the amount equivalent to paying for the work of the master. In other words, it is worth going for a “free change” of oil in the engine, fully aware of this fact. And also being sure that in the workshop you will not just suck out part of the lubricant that is currently in the crankcase through the dipstick hole.

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