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From Falken the new all-season for performance vehicles

Almost all the tire manufacturing companies now have one or more families of all-season tires in their catalogue. Among them is the hawks who recently announced the new Euroall Season As220 Prospecific for high performance cars and available in 46 sizes with diameter from 17 to 21 inches and cross sections from 35 to 65% with speed index V (up to 240 km/h) and W (up to 270 km/h ).

During the development process the engineers focused on both wet performance, and on performance at low temperatures, typical conditions of snowy roadways. To meet these requirements, Falken has created a tread pattern with an all-season tread that offers balanced performance in all driving conditions, optimized for snow and slush.

The tread of the new Falken Euroall Season As220 Pro it has a stable outer shoulder and two large sipes that ensure efficient water drainage (thereby obtaining a high aquaplaning capacity), with the stepped tread grooves arranged in a staggered configuration (they ensure good grip on snow).

At the same time, in order to meet the needs of owners of high-performance cars, the profile of the tire has been improved, trying to maximize contact with the road surface, so as to optimize road holding when cornering. With regards to energy efficiency, the label values ​​for the Falken Euroall Season As220 Pronot yet final, are B and D for fuel consumption/rolling resistance, B for wet grip and B for noise emissions, depending on model size.

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