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Front-line equipment: in Russia they began to assemble ATVs for SVO

A couple of years ago, they laughed at the creator of a domestic ATV or all-terrain vehicle, twisting a finger at his temple: either you have an order “from above”, or you “launder” someone’s money, or a city madman who, instead of a fun life, spends time designing something that no one needs transport. For what? You can buy abroad! And better, and cheaper, and better. Yes, and with a tag of a well-known brand – you can always quickly sell if the need arises.

So, the days of “you can buy abroad” seem to be over. The American wrench will soon tighten the nut to the stop and weld it from above: every day the stream of imports gets in its way more and more rapids and dams. It is becoming more and more difficult to take and bring quality American, European or Japanese products, and connoisseurs know that a good motorcycle is a new motorcycle. Especially when it comes to military operations, where a sudden breakdown directly affects not only the quality of life, but also its duration.

The need for high-quality and, most importantly, new wheeled vehicles during the NWO increased many times over: at the front, compact all-terrain vehicles are needed that can climb and make their way, bring ammunition and pick up the wounded. We need light, fast and maneuverable ATVs so as not to drive the onboard KamAZ once again through the gray zone, shot through from all sides. And we made such “quadrics”. The other day, the presidential envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District, Yuri Trutnev, visited the Yakut enterprise Yakt-Sokol, which produces ATVs for the front. The Sokol equipment is capable of fully functioning and performing combat missions at any time of the year and under any road conditions. Snow, mud and wind-blown Yakut “quadrics” are not a hindrance.

Also, ATVs have positive buoyancy and are able to overcome a small river or lake. Recently, the Yakut craftsmen, in accordance with the requests and wishes of the fighters, carried out an additional adaptation of equipment to front-line needs – they began to assemble the Sokol Pickup: an ATV with a trailer that can solve more tasks. After inspecting the enterprise, the plenipotentiary carried out a test drive of the Sokol, which he was satisfied with, and gave instructions to create all the necessary conditions for expanding the production of ATVs as an important and highly demanded technology today.

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