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Future Porsche electric cars will be able to drive 1,300 kilometers without recharging

Optimization on the anode side, reduction in the proportion of rare cobalt, combined with the use of thinner separators, will increase the specific capacity of the battery and reduce the charging time of the same Taykan from 22.5 minutes to less than 15 (from 5 to 80%). All this, in turn, will require the development of new charging stations with active cooling, which will produce 500 kilowatts. The terminals of the Chinese GAC already have such capacity. And for the Desten ultracharger, 900 kilowatts are generally declared.

In the long term, Porsche is also betting on solid-state batteries, in which a thin layer of solid electrolyte acts as a separator. This will increase the density of energy storage by one and a half times and improve security. At the same time, the Germans generally do not consider lithium-air batteries as an alternative to today’s lithium-ion batteries, and they see sodium-ion batteries only for stationary drives.

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