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Good little by little: a tough hike in gasoline prices is planned for the summer

– At present, the damper, in fact, goes to the margin of oil refiners. Today it is 8,000 rubles per ton, before it was less than 2,000 rubles per ton. If you look where it comes from, you can immediately see – due to the damper. It turns out that we pay the margin to oil refiners from the budget,” Siluanov believes.

He believes that by cutting payments in half, the budget will save about 30 billion rubles a month. What this will lead to is clear even without deep knowledge of economics. Having lost such significant amounts, the oilmen will act as usual: “without any agreement at all”, but simultaneously they will begin to raise the retail price of a liter of fuel at gas stations to a level that compensates for their “lost” income.

If we accept that the “damper ration” of oil workers will be cut by 4,000 rubles per ton of fuel, they will raise retail prices by at least 3 rubles per liter to compensate. This will even force prices for the cheaper AI-92 to exceed 50 rubles per liter. In such a simple way, the authorities will get into the pocket of millions of car owners. And this will happen around the second half of the summer – while all the people are relaxing in the dachas and resorts and will not be very bubbly about the next mass rip-off.

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