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Haval Dargo X will get a new engine and appearance

According to the portal, the serial production of the refreshed Dargo should start in the third quarter of 2023. The most “fancy” version will be equipped with a 2-liter supercharged engine, but its power will be increased from the current 192 to 238 “horses”. Judging by the impact, it can be argued that this will be a different power unit, and not a refinement of the existing one. He will be paired with a nine-speed “robot”.

As for appearance, the Dargo X “got hold of” a new radiator grill, which was visually combined with head optics. There was also an updated massive-looking bumper with a false aluminum trim at the bottom. At the stern there is a new logo, and the LED strip of lights now runs through the entire back.

Recall that Haval Dargo X differs from its usual counterparts by the presence of a rear differential lock and various operating modes of driving electronics. Sales of the “evil” version of the SUV started in Russia in February – they ask for a car from 3,269,000 rubles. So we can safely assume that the restyled “Chinese” will also come to us.

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