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Haval, Tank, Hongqi: why the worst Chinese cars are successful in Russia

Go ahead. Surprisingly, but the fact is that Chery, which is popular with us (59,973 units), took only 23rd place. But in Russia, the brand is probably promoted the most, and sales are not bad. Let’s say her Tiggo 7 Pro sold 5,843 copies.

The Tank brand, presented with great fanfare in Moscow, occupies only 37th position in the home market (23,346 units). This can be understood, because local bloggers have already criticized the design of many SUVs, and in one of the tests, the car’s security systems simply did not work. The result is a flight into a ditch. Most likely, this affected sales. If the Chinese themselves do not trust the brand too much, then we should also weigh all the pros and cons.

Exeed is simply not appreciated by the Chinese. The brand occupies 0.1% of the market (6530 units). Apparently, the attitude towards premium in China is somewhat different, although all models are well assembled, and the equipment is rich. Well, Haima (2541 units) and Foton (1383 units) have completely unimportant business. By the way, the first does not leave attempts to stay on the Russian market. Information has already appeared that the 8s crossover and 7x minivan are undergoing certification. As for Foton, it is known in the Russian Federation for pickups and trucks. However, in China, his position is not to be envied.

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