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Head of Omoda: all about Jaecoo crossovers, frame SUVs, localization and upcoming news

– I will probably not ask about the positioning of the Omoda brand, which has been actively developing in the Russian car market for more than six months. We all already know that we are talking about fashion trends, style, innovation and technology. But what kind of beast is this called Jaecoo, and what does he have to do with Omoda?

– Jaecoo is a global brand, and now we are working on a marketing strategy, selecting ambassadors, and working hard to prepare for the launch in Russia. The first homologated cars have already arrived in Russia, and now we are starting the process of their certification. The first model, the Jaecoo J7 crossover, is preparing to launch sales in September, but pre-orders will open in August and it will be possible to book a car online. The second novelty – the Jaecoo J9 crossover – will go to dealers towards the end of 2023. And this is not Chery Tiggo 9, which will be sold on the Russian market.

– What does the name Jaecoo actually mean?

– The name, as in the case of “Oh, fashion”, here is also two-part: Jäger – from German means “hunter”, and Cool – from English – “cool”. Positioned as an urban, fashionable, kind of dude explorer. And for the metropolis, and for fishing. Moreover, Jaecoo products are designed for customers with a refined taste.

– For premium clients?

– No, this is not a premium segment, but not a mass market either. The brand will be placed on the step between Exeed and Omoda.

– So you can say that this is something in between?

– I would say that this is something original, different from others. Jaecoo vehicles combine modern materials, sophisticated design and advanced technology.

– The meaning is the same as in the VAG concern: Skoda, Volkswagen, Audi?

– Yes, you can say that. By the way, we regularly collect statistics on cars that Omoda buyers rent in Trade-in, and there are a fairly large number of German models. Including premiums. For example, BMW X1 and X3, as well as Japanese Lexus NX.

– Do you think that consumers refuse premium because of fear of being left without proper maintenance, spare parts and warranty?

– Exactly. Moreover, with Omoda, we initially focused on a young audience, and now, taking into account which customers purchase our cars, positioning has become much wider. Our products are held in high esteem by people who are over 50 and even over 60 years old, who take an active life position and are interested in new trends. This is justified, because we have good service conditions, warranty support and, of course, decent quality of the products themselves.

Stereotypes that the Chinese auto industry is not reliable have long sunk into oblivion. In addition, we offer a very extraordinary design, which draws the attention of everyone and everything. And cars, even in the standard version, are generously equipped with options previously available only in the premium segment.

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