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Headlight tinting: when is it legal and allowed

Headlight tinting became widespread at the end of the “tenths” and was an indispensable element of “sports” cars at the beginning of the century. Cheap, easy to perform, but stylish solution that many people liked. Over time, the optics became darker and darker, and at the time of the massive appearance of LEDs, it became just black. Not a single traffic police officer can miss such an opportunity to punish the tuner, because the mentioned art. 12.5.1 – on the face. We remove the numbers and eliminate. However, this argument of the servant of the law is not always appropriate.

The fact is that tinting headlights was not invented by Russian motorists, but by the German company Hella, which in the nineties and zero equipped a great many cars with optics under the speaking name Hella Black. Here, BMW with the legendary 34 body, and Mercedes, and VW, and Audi were noted. True, it was only about the lanterns, since the Germans did not think of tinting the headlights. Naturally, the tinted optics passed all possible tests, received certificates and was installed on cars regularly. Directly on conveyors.

A similar situation occurred with the headlight mask, the inner part of the front optics, which, on some modifications of common models, was painted, for example, black. Tuning? No factory. If the car has any “modification” that was installed in production, and it does not matter which version of the model, then the car owner has the full legal right to operate the car with a specific “improvement”.

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