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Here’s what to do with winter tires immediately after changing shoes

With the annual change of wheels, you suddenly find that the tread height is not yet the limit, and there are almost no spikes left.

Behind the wheel

It doesn’t matter, says the expert “Behind the wheel” Alexei Revin. After all, you can stud a tire yourself.

Of course, tire shops offer such a service, but it is always more interesting to do it on your own.

It is better to do studding in the spring, when the demand for fixtures and consumables falls, and with it prices.

Before buying repair studs, it is necessary to measure the depth of the holes, the studs should not protrude much from the tread – a protrusion of 0.5 mm is enough. If the tires are worn unevenly, you have to buy studs in two sizes.

Before installation, the tire must be dry and clean, it is better to install the repair spikes on the glue, having previously cleaned the mounting holes in the tread.

A good result is given by a self-vulcanizing adhesive designed for gluing patches to tires.

Read more about what else drivers do with winter tires in our material.

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Turnkey house or cottage… Easy!

The ideal way to start a country life is to visit an exhibition of country buildings.

To do this, you do not even have to leave the city: there are country houses and cottages in Moscow.

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