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Hidden features of the daily mileage reset button that will help identify malfunctions

A burning ABS lamp will tell you that the electronics also fixed some kind of error. Moisture may have entered one of the sensors. In addition, numbers appear on the display located between the dials. These are error codes. Then you can immediately go to a specialist, telling him these same codes, or using the technical documentation to decipher the information yourself.

Do not forget that with the help of the mileage reset button, the real fuel consumption is often calculated. Moreover, on a specific route, taking into account traffic jams, traffic lights and driving style. To do this, you need to come to the gas station with a burning low fuel lamp, reset the mileage and remember how much was poured into the tank.

Further – we move until the moment when the lamp lights up again. Then we make calculations: the amount of gasoline consumed is divided by the distance traveled and multiplied by one hundred. Let’s say we spent 28 liters per 300 kilometers. It remains 28 divided by 300 and multiplied by 100. We get – 9.3 l / 100 km. Quite a regular consumption for an average passenger car. According to him, with a high degree of probability we assert that everything is in order with the engine.

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