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Honda CR-V: quantum leap

ONLY HYBRID FOR EUROPE – Unveiled last July and already on sale since late last year in the US, the new Honda CR-V is preparing to land in Europe as well. On our side of the Atlantic it will be offered in two electrified versions: one full hybrid and the other – for the first time in the markets of the Old Continent – rechargeable hybrid. Both are 471 cm long and are powered by a system made up of a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder Atkinson cycle petrol engine (which drives a generator and, only at medium-high and constant speeds, is connected directly to the wheels) and by a current unit responsible for traction. This has 184 CV of power and 335 Nm torque, i.e. like the model currently on the market in Italy.

THERE IS ALSO 4X4 – The new variant rechargeable hybrid from the Honda CR-Vaccording to the house, is able to travel up to 81 km in electric. Accepts up to 6.8 kW of current and, under optimal conditions, recharges in 2 and a half hours. Compared to the full hybrid variant, it also has a trunk wider: 617 liters instead of 587, since the battery is under the sofa instead of under the trunk like the “sister”. But that gain is only under the cargo floor, where the plug-in has a thin but large false bottom. On the other hand, the full hybrid is the only one with the alternative of all-wheel drive: the system is created using a traditional drive shaft, which automatically disconnects when the 4×4 is not required to consume less fuel.

A TRUE BESTSELLER – With over 730,000 units delivered last year the Honda CR-V was the fourth largest automobile in the world by sales volume (Who full ranking). So it is a model of importance fundamentalfor the Japanese manufacturer, which with the new generation raises the bar on all fronts, from comfort to safety, from the more modern and elegant style to the space for passengers and luggage, to the quality of the materials and internal assembly.

NOW IT’S MORE ELEGANT AND LUXURIOUS – The Honda CR-V 2023 faithful in setting to the previous model, but offers a more dynamic, gritty and refined look, both as regards the external surfaces and as regards some details of the bodywork. The front part takes on a “cleaner” and more linear appearance, with the large trapezoidal grille, characterized by a honeycomb texture and finished in glossy black, connected almost seamlessly to the thin and inclined headlights, which give a more decisive look at the front. The rear is also slimmer and more athletic, where, in correspondence with the headlights, now more angular and “sharp”, the thin scratching that starts from the front wings and runs along the entire side just below the of belt.

MORE SPACE FOR PASSENGERS AND LUGGAGE – The new Honda CR-V changes a lot also in the cockpit. The dashboard, which develops horizontally and in the center of which stands the large on-board services screen, has a configuration simpler and more orderly, with the “climate” vents now placed on one level. In short, the internal environment is now better organized and more elegant, but also more welcoming, thanks above all to a wheelbase increase of no less than 40 millimeters, which translates into 1.6 centimeters more legroom for the rear passengers . Who can now adjust the backrest of the sofa in eight different positions, with a backward inclination of 10.5º greater than the model on sale today.

SAFE AT 360 DEGREES – Important innovations also concern active safety, improved thanks to new and more sophisticated electronic driver assistance systems. There Honda CR-V sixth generation, in particular, is equipped with the Honda Sensing 360 which made its debut in 2022 on models destined for the Chinese market and from 2030 will equip all new cars of the Japanese manufacturer. With the new obstacle detection systemfive millimeter-wave radar sensors are added to the standard monocular camera. Located both at the front and at each of the four corners of the bodywork, they reduce the risk of collision with pedestrians and other vehicles.

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