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How, by their own stupidity, car owners ruin summer tires

But first, perhaps, we will talk about the typical errors in the storage of tires. Indeed, most often tires are damaged precisely “thanks to” the wrong actions of the car owners themselves. Many of them are used to stacking tires on top of each other, which is fundamentally wrong, because under the weight of the cylinders, which are located below, they deform quite quickly. The rubber layer is covered with cracks and breaks. And if the tires already had defects, then under load the destruction process will accelerate significantly.

The only correct way to store tires is in an upright position. Moreover, the surface must be flat, and the room – dry. Another thing is if you have a set of wheels with tires and rims. Then they should be suspended, or laid horizontally, but each rim separately. This is the only way to fully insure yourself against possible damage to the “rubber”.

However, even on the go, car owners often make mistakes that lead to premature wear of summer tires. For example, it’s easier than ever to damage the side of the tread by parking close to the curb, rubbing the curb with the tire. And the sidewall instantly breaks from mechanical influences, say, when driving at high speed onto the side of the road or making a sharp turn in a gravel rut. Moreover, with the snow, as we know, in Russia the roads abounded in potholes and potholes during the warm period of operation. We know, but for some reason we do not remember.

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