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How Chinese armored cars of Kadyrov will participate in the destruction of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The dimensions of the “Brave” and “Tiger” are almost the same. The number of soldiers in the troop compartment can also be transported the same. The “Chinese” claimed 9 people, ours – 8. Apparently the difference is due to the fact that in terms of their total dimensions and weight, 8 soldiers of European build approximately correspond to 9 Chinese fighters. The curb weight of the brainchild of GAZ is higher: over 5300 kilograms versus 4800 kg. at the Brave. Apparently, this is due to the more powerful armor of the domestic car. The “Chinese” keeps hitting an armor-piercing 7.62-mm bullet only in the “forehead”. The armor of its sides and stern are pierced through with such ammunition. And our “Tiger” protects the crew and troops from a shot from an SVD rifle with an armor-piercing cartridge of 7.62 mm from any direction – even from the front, even from the back, even from the side.

To arm both ours and Chinese armored cars can be armed with a lot of things. From a rifle-caliber PKT machine gun to an anti-tank rocket launcher, an automatic grenade launcher or a light air defense system. It was reported that the Tiger was equipped with a 30-mm automatic cannon. And the maximum armament of the Brave known to the public is a large-caliber 12.7-mm machine gun.

By and large, that the Russian “Tiger”, that the Chinese “Brave”: two boots – a pair. At the same time, something is not heard about the shortage of Russian armored “seals” in parts of the Russian Armed Forces. So why do the Chechen formations need the Chinese “Brave”? In addition to the fact that an extra armored “piece of iron” in battles with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, trying to portray a decisive attack on Russian positions, will not hurt at all?

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