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How drivers unknowingly “kill” the suspension of a car even on an ideal road

If you didn’t know, and even forgot, let us remind you: the resource of shock absorbers directly depends on temperature. Under high mechanical load, especially in hot weather, hydraulic fluid leakage is not ruled out. Let’s say more: the racks are “snotty” and from lumps of dirt adhering to them, which impairs heat dissipation. And sand and other debris can easily backfire with damage to the shock absorber rod, so you should periodically wash off accumulations of mud deposits on the springs with a high-pressure washer.

Returning to the loads, we add that the suspension is “overloaded” during abrupt starts and braking. Therefore, you should not permanently push the pedals all the way if you do not want to temporarily spend money on replacing key materials that are responsible for the energy intensity of the car earlier.

Of course, “consumables” also suffer from a banal advantage. And even with aggressive taxiing – and even more so. It is enough to take all the seats in the car and fill the luggage compartment to the maximum in order to subject the suspension to increased load in the next sharp turn or during an emergency deceleration. As a result – the deterioration of performance.

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