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How much have Chinese spare parts risen in price in Russia over the past six months?

So, it turned out that the prices for the original Chinese “bodywork” over the past six months have grown by more than 17%. Rear fenders went up the most: their cost jumped by as much as 46.9%. Rear bumpers (by 26%) and rims (by 23.1%) have noticeably increased in price. The “anti-prize” five also included front left doors (20.3%) and front bumpers (18.8%).

Interestingly, the front right doors cost almost the same as six months ago: unlike their left “brothers”, they added only 7.8% in price. Airbags – 6%. At the same time, there are those positions that, on the contrary, have become more accessible. Among them are rear lights (minus 1.8%) and rear-view mirrors, which immediately fell in price by 6.4%.

We also note that in general, the cost of the so-called insurance basket (those elements that suffer more often in an accident) has increased by 17.3% over the past six months. If in December 2022 it was estimated at 46,197 rubles, then in May 2023 – already at 54,184 wooden ones.

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