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How paid parking will work on holiday weekends

Keep this in mind if you are going by car to the center of the capital.

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On Russia Day, which is celebrated on June 12, parking on all streets of Moscow will be free. This also applies to plots in the center of the capital with a cost of 380 and 450 rubles per hour.

According to the decision of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, all street parking will be free on June 12, as well as on other public holidays. This will not affect the congestion of roads and parking lots, because there will be fewer cars in the city,” said Maxim Liksutov, head of the Moscow Deptrans.

On June 11, as on a regular Sunday, it will be possible to park for free everywhere, except for streets with tariffs of 380 and 450 rubles per hour.

Parking lots with a barrier work for a fee all days.

“Driving” can be read in Viber

Source: Department of Moscow

Photo: Sergey Kiselev/AGN “Moskva”

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