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How the traffic police fines 10,000 rubles for soiled tires and wheels

However, the responsibility for officials is much more severe – the fine for damaging the roadway by polluting it will be 25,000 rubles. And legal entities will have to part with a colossal amount altogether, having paid as much as 300,000 hard-earned money to the treasury!

Of course, in practice, traffic police officers rarely fine “helmsmen” for such misunderstandings, and mostly only during special raids related to the capture of ATV pilots, often operating their equipment without “licenses”. That’s when jeepers fall under the hot hand, rolling out their SUVs, often not meeting the requirements of technical regulations, onto an asphalt road.

We believe that it is not necessary to talk about the appearance of the “rogues” after fierce off-road rides. And even more so for law enforcement. So they “bomb” off-road lovers in full: from the lifted suspension and stained registration plates to dirt scattered along the road, which is regarded only as damage to the road profile.

However, with an irresistible desire, as you understand, traffic cops can easily “get to the bottom” of anyone. Including, and to the driver of the usual “puzoterka”, whose wheels and body are stained with mud.

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