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How the traffic police fines drivers for passengers leaning out of a hatch or window

Much more serious responsibility for minors. More precisely, for drivers whose little passengers decided to have fun by sticking their faces into the open roof. The fine for such “performance” will be 3,000 rubles, and for legal entities – as much as 100,000!

However, the sanctions do not end there, extending to the violators themselves. Among other things, an adult who decides to climb out of the hatch faces a fine for an unfastened seat belt, which now amounts to 1,000 rubles. The same amount will have to be paid to the pilot who allowed his companion or companion to perform this act. By the way, a similar liability is provided for a passenger who sticks his head out the open side window. At the same time, it is noteworthy that the law does not prohibit pulling out hands through the lowered glass.

By the way, do you know why many car owners prefer to drive in hot weather at the same time with the air conditioner on and open windows or sunroof? The reason is as simple as two pennies: read more here.

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