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How the traffic police will punish the driver who forgot his passport at home

Indeed, on the website of public services, in this list, in addition to a general passport, only a foreign passport, a birth certificate of a child, a temporary identity card for the time of issuing a passport, a military ID for reserve military personnel, an identity card of a serviceman and a sailor’s passport appear. And the driver’s license, which is issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, is not on this list.

This means that, if desired, a random traffic police officer on the road can, when checking the documents of any “helmsman”, demand from him, in addition to his “rights”, also a citizen’s passport. And then you never know what kind of “filkin’s letter” he slips for verification under the guise of a VU!

Since it cannot officially serve as a person’s identity card, then you should definitely have a passport with you as well! Such a precautionary measure is necessary to deprive a traffic cop who has fallen into an administrative and law enforcement rage of the opportunity to drag a driver he does not like to the nearest police district – ostensibly to establish his identity.

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