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How to avoid a ruinous overhaul of the motor if the timing chain rattled


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Often when starting the engine of a used car, suspicious rattling sounds are heard. This is reminiscent of a chain drive gas distribution mechanism. Its malfunction is fraught with serious problems and loss of money. The AvtoVzglyad portal tells how to recognize problems and save your own wallet.

The “voices” of expensive repairs resonate with pain in the heart of a motorist. A frantic search begins on the forums in an attempt to find the answer, and this confuses the person even more. And calling services generally drives me into depression. Especially if there are two chains in the motor design, and they are located in the rear of the unit, which is joined to the gearbox. In such cases, the masters say that you need to get the engine from the engine compartment. Well, everyone already guesses about buying spare parts for tens of thousands of rubles.

Let’s figure out how to solve the issue without expensive investments. Recall that over time, due to the wear of the joints and the appearance of development, the timing chain lengthens. This is the first reason for the noise. However, if the ringing disappears after 3-4 seconds of engine operation, then the drive is still “alive”, but the tensioner needs to be replaced. Over the years, the spring in this node weakens. As a result, for the first time after the start-up of the steel “heart”, while there is no necessary oil pressure, this very tensioner “walks” along with the chain. Hence the extraneous sounds.


The first and easiest option is to fill in a more viscous lubricant. As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what outbids do. We will advise you to replace the tensioners, and the chain will still work. It is non-destructive and much more reliable.

In most cases, you won’t even have to disassemble the motor. It is enough just to get to the timing covers and remove them. After we unscrew the three bolts holding the parts that we change, and then we assemble everything in the reverse order. With proper skill, it will take about two hours to work, and the cost of spare parts will not exceed 6,000 rubles. Compare this with the “prices” of services. There, only the dismantling of the power unit will cost at least 25,000 rubles.



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