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How to beat a bad engine start and oil burner by replacing just one part


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In a used car, there can be a whole gamut of various hidden surprises that even a serviceman’s scanner will not always detect. But what then to do if the behavior of the “iron horse” has changed a lot: fuel consumption has increased, there have been interruptions in the operation of the power unit? Few people know that it is quite easy to overcome these problems, and – what is important – without special equipment. This is what the AvtoVzglyad portal tells about.

When “misunderstandings” begin in the morning when starting the engine, the driver tenses up. It is felt that at idle there is a “tremor”. Electronic “brains” try to somehow adjust the fuel-air mixture, but this does not always work out. The unit may stall, both in the parking lot and in motion. Usually they sin on a lot of knots and details. For example, there may be a malfunction in the ignition module, nozzles are clogged, dirty candles or an air filter. But with all this, there are no problems. Where to look?

The fact is that in the engine compartment there is a so-called adsorber valve (not to be confused with an adsorber located under the bottom at the rear of the car and which is a completely different device).

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This valve opens only at the signal of the engine control unit (ECU) and begins to pass air through itself. When the device breaks, it stops holding pressure. So it turns out that air is “driven” continuously through it into the engine. It enters the intake manifold, bypassing the mass air flow sensor (MAF). As a result, the fuel mixture becomes not the one that the ECU determines, focusing precisely on the DMRV data. The result is described above: increased fuel consumption, tripling and difficult starting in the morning.

Defeating the problem is quite simple. You can find a working adsorber valve at a car disassembly or buy a new one in a store. And other handy motorists simply jam it. To do this, plug a rubber tube through which excess oxygen passes. At the same time, it is useful to examine this very tube. Leaks can also be through it if the rubber has dried out and cracks have appeared.



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