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How to buy a new Kia today and not overpay

There are at least two ways to buy: one is simple, the other is cheap. But both are actually quite expensive…

Behind the wheel

The topic is covered by auto expert Alexander Vinogradov on the pages of the new issue of the magazine “Behind the wheel”. For example, we took the new Kia Sportage, which was in the editorial office for a test drive.

The expert points out that the easiest way to buy a “Korean” now is to take an already fitted and cleared car. But you have to pay for simplicity, and the margin will be about 10%.

Behind the wheel

*This material was created by a person who has the status of a foreign agent in the Russian Federation.

There is a cheaper, but more difficult option: to buy a car in her homeland. You still cannot do without intermediaries – both in South Korea and in Russia. The scheme is the same as with the “Japanese”: a car arrives on a ship in Vladivostok, where all documents are processed, and then – on an auto transporter or in a container for a train.

In Korea, the new Kia Sportage costs much less: the Comfort package with a 2.0 engine, automatic and front-wheel drive will cost, in terms of the exchange rate, two million rubles. Four-wheel drive raises the price by 100 thousand rubles.

Where do 3.3 million in Russia come from?

With a starting price in Korea of ​​26,000 euros, the customs duty will amount to one million rubles. If you want a 2.5 engine, this is another 300 thousand on top. Add 3400 rubles of recycling fee, 30-40 thousand for the purchase and installation of ERA-GLONASS…

And 120-150 thousand will have to be paid for delivery. In the case of Sportage, you don’t need to spend a few tens of thousands more rubles on SBKTS, since our crossover was officially sold and it has OTTS. But the interest of the dealer and his other expenses need to be added. That’s three million plus!

However, the Kia Sportage is still a very decent car. And in the new generation – very interesting. Read our test drive in the May issue of Za Rulem magazine! Is available for sale!

The latest issues of the magazine are always available on the marketplaces:

“Behind the wheel” can be read on VKontakte

The note was prepared based on the article by Alexander Vinogradov “Korean imports” from the magazine “Behind the wheel” for May 2023.

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