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How to buy a tractor in Russia today and not go broke

– Which?

– For example, if we promised to deliver by March 15, but did not have time, then the percentage for each day of downtime.

– What else is written in the contracts for agricultural machinery?

– Warranty and service.

– And what is the warranty period for the tractor?

– On average, a year.

– Why so little? Are they that fragile?

– This is a tractor, it always works in difficult conditions and wears out really quickly. The normal service life of such equipment is 5-7 years, but if there is any factory defect, then it will definitely come out in the first 50 hours. All possible and impossible problems – they always appear in the first year. This is the difference between agricultural machinery and a car, by the way, which usually begins to mope by 100,000 km.

– Does the contract stipulate service from an authorized dealer?

– During the warranty period, the contract stipulates maintenance at service centers – we control that the client uses original spare parts and oils. At the same time, maintenance with original spare parts is mandatory. Although, as practice shows, the farmer will not save on filters and other things, will not experiment. The equipment is complex, it works in difficult conditions, and the cost item for it in the sowing budget is 0.5%. This is saving on seeds and the farmer is fine, believe me, he understands this.

What else is included in the agreement?

– Delivery times – always and sometimes – service times. And they are often very tough: together with the dealer, we assume the obligation that if the tractor breaks down, then it must return to the field, for example, within three days. If it doesn’t work out, then either a fine or a replacement car.

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