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How to cheaply and effectively get rid of an unpleasant smell in the car

Sweaty socks, smoking, yesterday’s T-shirt, wet sneakers – these are all sources, and they are localized. It would seem to ventilate and change clothes. But sometimes there is not enough time, so there must be a trump card up your sleeve. A potent agent that instantly removes, “tonifies” and kills unpleasant odors, but does not suffocate the passenger. Something unobtrusive and preferably natural.

From time immemorial, lavender fragrances have been used to hide the smell of tobacco: it smells good, is inexpensive, and “knows its business”. So, a small jar worth about 200 rubles will last for several weeks to constantly maintain a pleasant aroma in the car interior, which at the same time interrupts other odors. You can pour it into an old flavor, you can put a small open container in the armrest or under the seat. And in the case of a particularly heavy “ombre”, you can rub the air ducts – then things will go faster.

Lavender extract is a simple and affordable solution, which, however, must be “prepared” in advance: you can’t buy it in every pharmacy, and bath shops, for example, are rarely found on the way. But the bottle does not take up much space in the glove compartment, it quickly eliminates the problem and sharply raises the “quotes” of the driver, so that when it enters the field of view, it is definitely worthy of attention. Take note!

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