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How to easily and effectively clean your car air conditioner with your own hands


It is no secret that the climate system of a car becomes clogged with dirt over time, and a hotbed of microbes and bacteria appears on the evaporator. And in order to breathe clean air, and not suffer from colds, she needs prevention. The AvtoVzglyad portal tells how to carry out work without extra costs.

To begin with, we note that the main obstacle to the penetration of pollen and dirt into the “living compartment” is the cabin filter. It not only protects the lungs of the driver and passengers, but also prevents the formation of impurities on various parts of the “kondeya”. So do not dismantle it if you go to the country. We also strongly recommend changing the consumable regularly. Yes, now everything has risen in price, but, nevertheless, it is foolish to save on health.

Next, we clean the drainage holes in the body so that in rainy weather moisture does not get inside the main duct. After we free from dust this same air duct. By the way, if the design of the machine is such that the filter is located under the hood, access to all of the listed nodes is excellent. You can even reach the fan blades. By the way, over time, they also become overgrown with a dust coat.

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Then you need to pay attention to the evaporator of the air conditioner. After all, it is on its surface that a favorable environment is formed for the development of bacteria and fungi. You can understand this by an unpleasant smell. And sewage flying from the street causes corrosion. As a result, compressor oil or refrigerant can enter the cabin. They are very harmful to health.

The evaporator can be accessed from the passenger compartment by dismantling the lower part of the front panel. Then, with the help of a rag and a soapy solution, gently clean the surface and give time to dry. A more expensive way: purchase a disinfectant cleaner from the store. It is also applied to the evaporator.

Finally, with the help of an antibacterial cleaner, we destroy unwanted microflora and slimy deposits inside the system. To do this, we insert the extension hose included in the kit into the condensate drain pipe and release all the foam from the cylinder inside. We turn on the “condo” to the maximum and get out of the car for 10 minutes. This time is quite enough for the composition to absorb the sewage and the stack through the drainage into the basin. In such cheap and simple ways, you can repeatedly extend the life of expensive mechanisms.



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