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How to easily, quickly and cheaply protect car headlights from chips

So, for three hundred “wooden” on numerous Internet collapses, you can buy a cut of a transparent polyurethane film. By the way, especially economical ones find trimmings at a flea market – also suitable. It can be more expensive, it can be cheaper, but the best option is to unite with a group of sufferers and buy a meter-long piece, which is enough for two or three pairs of headlights. Then the cost will not exceed those same three hundred. In addition to the material, you will need desire, patience, a knife, water and adhesive tape. Oh yes, you still need a credit card.

Having washed precious optics from winter “accumulations” and the first spring flies, we leave it wet and even generously spray it with water from a spray bottle. Next, we measure the desired piece of film with a margin, glue it with tape to the wing, pull it tightly onto the headlight and disperse the water with a credit card. Why do you think you still need a plastic card? When there are no bubbles and liquid between the film and the plastic of the lighting device, you need to let it dry and carefully cut the “flash” with a sharp knife. That, in fact, is the whole science.

The attractiveness of this method is that it is simple, cheap, fairly durable, and in case of failure, it allows you to repeat the procedure without significant losses – the material is inexpensive. A couple of visits, and you can open your own enterprise, which does not require either renting a room, or hired employees, or an expensive tool – you can even glue the film on the headlights at the garbage heap.

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