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How to make an assassin out of a car

You will need armor of 73 spikes.

Behind the wheel

This Porsche Taycan “Assasin” art car was created by young Swedish artist Fabian Bergmark Nasman for the Porsche Scopes event in Stockholm.

Painted in silver, the Porsche Taycan received 73 spikes of various sizes in the same color, which are mounted on the hood, bumpers, fenders, doors, roof and trunk. Of course, they reduce the aerodynamics of an electric car to nothing and threaten to severely cripple pedestrians in the event of an accident, but no one is going to drive around in this Porsche through the streets.

Behind the wheel

This is not the first piece of sculpture by Fabian Bergmark Nessmann. Many of his works have thorns, horns and spines. According to the artist, they “set the rules for how to approach the object they cover.” His abstract sculptures are a combination of “the natural and the unnatural and raise questions of perception depending on the context.”

Behind the wheel

The Porsche Taycan “Assasin” was unveiled at Porsche Scopes. This is an installation in the middle of a pond, surrounded by moss, grass and fog. The event took place on the grounds of the former Värmeverket boiler house from 26 to 28 May and was attended by over 65 artists, musicians and designers.

Behind the wheel

The Porsche Taycan “Assasin” by Fabian Bergmark Nässmann is not the only art car based on the Taycan. Previously, artists Richard Phillips (in 2021) and Sean Wotherspoon (in 2022) presented their work based on an electric car at Porsche Scopes.

Chery has a new motor. The first to receive it was the Arrizo 8 model, which has already gone on sale. “Behind the wheel” can now be read in Telegram.

Photo: Porsche

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