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How to Permanently Remove Glare from the Dashboard and Media Screen

Large screens are, of course, beautiful and modern, but I would also like informative, familiar indicators. And then fines come too often – it’s not an “alarm clock” to fasten to the torpedo with self-tapping screws. Although there is another way to solve the problem of glare displays – a simpler and also very affordable: a matte film.

Yes, yes – like for a smartphone screen, only larger and slightly different. It absorbs the sun’s rays, protects against scratches, fights dust and is easily removed when damaged. For a “cap of crackers” at a Chinese flea market, you can find a film in size, but it’s much easier and cheaper to buy a cut to fit and stick on your own. The method is simple, as you yourself know whose machine.

So, having created the right atmosphere in the country, we proceed to “peace, work and May” in the car. We wash the screens from fingerprints – they are there, even if the car was taken from the passenger compartment only yesterday – we apply a thin layer of water with a spray gun, stick the film, expel water and air with a plastic card, cut off the excess with a sharp blade. And voila, enjoy the result.

As practice shows, such protection lasts indefinitely, it adds not only comfort to the car, but also resale value, and it costs mere pennies – no more than five hundred or six hundred rapidly depreciating rubles. In short, a really affordable and simple solution. How we love!

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