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How to save money on gas without ruining your engine


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Fuel prices are inexorably creeping up. This forces drivers to come up with various tricks to reduce fuel costs at least a little. The AvtoVzglyad portal tells how to do this safely for the power unit and fuel system.

The first thing that will save you money is good spark plugs. It’s simple – the energy of the spark discharge of the consumable gives rise to a flash, the propagation speed of which directly affects the efficiency of the motor. This is especially noticeable at idle and at low loads, when a large amount of residual gases remains in the combustion chambers.

Do not forget also about the wires, or the ignition module. A lot depends on the quality of manufacturing of these parts, the tightness of the contact tips, the tightness of the caps. Therefore, if the candles and wires are chosen correctly, this will immediately reduce the appetite of the power unit by 2-3%, which is pretty good.

If the “heart” of your car is without a boost system and modern electronics, then you can temporarily switch from 95th to 92nd gasoline. But not thoughtlessly. You need to choose only those low-octane grades that contain cleaning additives. Usually they are always allocated at any branded gas station. These additives clean the internal surfaces of the engine, which helps keep it clean and prevent future breakdowns.


As for the use of the usual 92nd without additives, then everything is not so bad and unambiguous here. It is quite normally “digested” even by modern designs of “fiery hearts”. However, we strongly recommend filling the tank after each refueling with the so-called octane corrector. This is an additive that can be purchased at any auto shop.

The labels promise 8-10% savings. In fact, the real result is -3-4%, which is also quite normal.

Oh, and don’t forget the smooth eating style. After all, the main reserve is hidden here. It’s simple: energy is required to impart acceleration to a mass. And the faster the acceleration, the more this energy is needed. Hence the increased fuel appetite. And arrange “roasting” like driving at high speeds as a preventive measure. So the car will definitely be all right.



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