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How to significantly extend the life of a diesel engine


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The quality of diesel fuel sold at some gas stations in the regions often causes complaints from drivers, even though the regulatory authorities regularly issue fines to their owners. It is not surprising that today the market offers a lot of auto chemical products intended for fuel equipment of cars. The AvtoVzglyad portal examined the features of these products.

Note that fuel preparations for diesel engines have their own specifics. In the assortment of these funds there are separate groups of specialized products. For example, among them there are so-called activator additives that can improve the performance of conventional diesel fuel. Thanks to them, the engine starts to run softer and start from half a turn in any weather. It is curious, but such additives do not raise the cetane number of diesel fuel, as similar “powerful” auto chemical products do. In contrast, activator additives modify the composition of diesel fuel, allowing you to achieve a qualitatively different return on the engine.

Another interesting group of “diesel” products is complex action formulations designed to improve the operation of a high pressure fuel pump (high pressure fuel pump). As practice shows, the regular use of such compositions reduces the consumption of diesel fuel by 3-5% and increases (up to 10-15%) the service life of expensive plunger pairs of high-pressure fuel pumps. In addition, such products, when added to diesel fuel, significantly increase its lubricity, which helps to extend the planned diesel life.

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Another common group of diesel products is injector cleaners. We recall that the main indicators of the motor, including energy ones, largely depend on their purity. If these diesel fuel sprayers are clogged (photo above), the power unit will not be able to develop the declared power provided by the automaker. This group of drugs is quite diverse, and their effectiveness can vary greatly.

Among the most “advanced” products, it is worth noting the new Diesel Power Boost fuel additive. It is the latest generation injector cleaner with increased cleaning power. This drug was developed in Germany by Bizol to restore the standard performance of diesel engines. For this purpose, the Diesel Power Boost additive contains specially developed components. Their task is to neutralize resinous deposits deposited in fuel lines and injectors. As a result, these deposits are gradually dissolved, as a result of which the required performance of the diesel engine is restored.

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According to experts, such an additive can be successfully used as a prophylactic during each maintenance of the machine. It is recommended to use the drug after the completion of the repair of the fuel system, as well as a comprehensive tool to improve engine performance.

For example, it has been noticed that after applying the additive, the engine runs quieter, and the throttle response of the car increases. When pouring the additive into the fuel tank, it is necessary to ensure that it is at least one third full. One can of this additive with a volume of 500 ml will be enough to process 70 liters of fuel.



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