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How to understand that you are being watched and listened to in your own car

After things have worsened in business, and at the same time your wife has increasingly begun to catch you cheating, it is better to inspect the interior of the car, armed with a flashlight. However, there are specialized experts who are ready to help the “victims” of unauthorized surveillance get rid of surveillance.

True, for pleasure, as usual, you have to pay. For one meter of using detectors that determine such equipment, they take at least 300 rubles. Some owners of such scanners offer to service the entire car for 5-6 thousand “wooden”. They will come where and when you say – there are more than enough ads on the provision of services for the “cleansing” of a car from “unclean” on the Web.

Returning to the notorious ERA-GLONASS system, it is worth adding that the software can theoretically be configured for both tracking and listening. But the practical goals of the SOS terminal, as you know, are completely different.

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