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How to understand what kind of liquid actually flows out of the car

It is easy to guess that you can understand the “grade” of the liquid flowing from the car by its color, smell and places of its smudges. To do this, just dip a dry napkin into the liquid, which will tell you what substance we are talking about.

Perhaps the most harmless is the usual condensate that forms during the operation of the air conditioning system. It is colorless and odorless. As well as it does not pose any danger. But motor oil has a characteristic aroma with hints of gasoline. The color generally depends on the life of the lubricant. The darker it is, the longer the lubricant was used. If you notice drops of oil on the pavement, run to a car service. Otherwise, you can end up with expensive repairs.

Coolant usually comes in several colors: red, blue, greenish, orange or pink. Antifreeze is difficult to confuse with anything, because it has a sweet smell and is a moderately viscous consistency. Basically, such drops appear under the engine compartment, as, in fact, oil. There can be several reasons for the leak. And sometimes antifreeze is even mixed with motor lubricant. In general, do not pull – visit the service station.

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