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How to unscrew the “uncomfortable” nut? Here is a very simple solution – Driving magazine

The reader “Behind the wheel” has purchased a “flex key” and is very pleased.

Behind the wheel

When replacing the rubber bushings of the anti-roll bar of a Renault Logan car, I encountered very inconvenient access to the “10” nut for attaching the bracket.

I purchased in the online store a combination ratchet wrench with a “10” swivel head, with which I can easily unscrew and tighten the nut.

I don’t recommend over tightening the nut.

The advice is also suitable for many other cars on the B0 platform.

M. Polyakov, Uglich

How to unscrew the

The prize for the author of the advice is a set of SYNTHETIUM car cosmetics.

Behind the wheel

Dear car experts! When sending advice, do not forget to include your postal address with a six-digit zip code, last name, first name and patronymic (in full), as well as a telephone number for communication. This will greatly simplify and speed up the sending of well-deserved prizes to you.

You can send your advice by email. [email protected]. If possible, illustrate your own know-how with photographs and/or diagrams.

A simple tip for anyone who loses their keys in the engine compartment is here. “Driving” can be viewed on YouTube

Photo: M. Polyakov

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