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How to wash a car with a bucket without scratching the paint

How many May holidays do not shorten and do not divide, and a Russian person will definitely find a way to fully relax “from and to”. Leaves and days off, medical certificates and agreements will go into action – the force of habit, multiplied by the general state of mind, will overcome any charters and laws. In a word, ten days, which many will spend in the country, will provide the necessary number of free hours in order to get enough of barbecues, beds, and baths. And, of course, the hands will reach the car.

Independently, leisurely, with a bucket of water and a battered sponge, languid evening. Grace! However, the very next morning, traces are found, to put it mildly. No matter how much water you change – and we don’t change it too often, what’s already there – the sand suspension gets on the sponge and leaves furrows on the thin paintwork of a modern car. Somewhere polishing will help, and somewhere only a painter. Here you are, grandma, and washed the car!

To prevent such a disaster, there is a simple and proven method: in advance, in household goods or at your favorite Chinese flea market, we purchase a special separator for a bucket: a plastic mesh that is installed in a bucket and does not allow sand to rise in suspension every time a hand with a sponge is immersed in a container. A penny “stray”, but it works – like a clock. The fact is that sand always settles to the bottom – it does not dissolve and is heavier than water, so it has only one way – and therefore the main task is not to lift it up again with a wave of the hand. And the mesh allows you to perform minimal filtration, if not completely, then globally reducing the number of SiO2 particles in the upper layers of the bucket. School, so to speak, program, nothing new.

As with anything, the preparation is just as important as the process itself, so a well-thought-out procedure is much more likely to succeed than improvisation. If there are goals and objectives, you need to approach them gradually and thoughtfully, slowly and slowly. Then the result will please, and there will be a minimum of unpleasant consequences.

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