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How traffic cops determine the driver who used the day before by gestures and facial expressions

Communication between people can be verbal and non-verbal. If in the first case we are talking about a conversation, then in the second case it is only about body language and facial expressions. Moreover, traffic cops often pay special attention to the latter. And here’s why.

A person prone to deceit quite often gives himself away through looks, gestures and postures. It is not for nothing that psychologists believe that non-verbal communication has a much more effective effect on people. So law enforcement officers use a similar method of communication with drivers in order to recognize a potential violator in them. And above all, the “client” who drank the day before.

After questions from the series “how do you feel”, “have you been drinking for a long time”, the inspector closely monitors the reaction of the driver, who can arouse suspicion with one awkward gesture. For example, trying to evade law enforcement officers, drivers often start scratching the tip of their nose with their fingers, rubbing their earlobe or straightening their hair. At this moment, the traffic police inspector understands that the nerves of the “helmsman” are not in vain – it would be necessary to check.

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