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How were cars tested in the USSR? On the races! (video) – magazine Behind the wheel

The year was 1975, and VAZ was already actively using motorsport to increase the reliability of production cars …

Behind the wheel

Today, if this scheme works, then with big reservations (at least, not in all racing classes), but then … Before us is the Bureau of Forced Testing of Automobiles (BFIA) at VAZ and legendary personalities: Lukyanov, Pistunovich, Bogatyrev, family the Kozyrchikov couple…

Incredibly “tube” documentary film “A sharp turn ahead” returns us to that unique atmosphere when people were really passionate about their work, had a clear conscience and were able to correctly express their thoughts.

*This material was created by a person who has the status of a foreign agent in the Russian Federation.

The source says that this film has never been published on the web before. It has been restored and is now available for viewing.

The work of the BFIA, the rally “Tallinn” in February 1975 and the stage of the Cup of Socialist Countries on the rain-drenched Minsk Ring in June of the same year … We look!

“Driving” can be viewed on YouTube

Source: Lada Niva Documentary

Photo: VK video screenshot

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