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How, when replacing the timing chain, the masters in the service ruin the engine


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It is no secret that the engine timing chain wears out over time and needs to be changed. Similar work, which has already become routine, is done in most technical centers. However, even experienced motorists often make mistakes, sentencing an already battered power unit to another repair. The AvtoVzglyad portal tells about them.

Incidents happen immediately after replacing the chain along with its tensioners. After some time, the driver notices that the behavior of the “iron horse” has changed. Vibrations appeared, fuel consumption increased. And sometimes, even at the first attempt to start, the engine runs unevenly, with severe interruptions, or refuses to start at all. The starter turns, but no sense. The client is in shock, however, as are the servicemen. What is the reason for the problems?

Of course, marriage does not have to be ruled out. Let’s say the chain could jump a tooth due to the installation of a poor-quality tensioner. However, this rarely happens, since in the vast majority of cases they use “native” spare parts. More often, during the assembly process, unfortunate masters damage any of the sensors. There are plenty of them: a mass air flow sensor, temperature, or throttle position. They begin to throw surprises as soon as the car owner left the repair zone.

Tool for working with the timing mechanism

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And sometimes, problems overtake immediately. Their reasons are negligence or haste. The fact is that with such work it is necessary to use special stoppers. They are needed to fix the crankshaft in one position. That is, at the top dead center of the first cylinder. Small details allow you to put the timing mechanism on the marks, that is, in the correct position.

Trying to do the job faster, the masters “forget” about these spare parts. They quickly change the “locksmith” and start assembling the motor. The result – an attempt to start it ends either with the fact that the unit does not want to work, or even with its complete breakdown.

You have to disassemble the “engine” a second time and repeat the procedure. What happened? There was a situation when, after replacing even one chain tensioner, the entire mechanism shifted slightly and the phases jumped literally by a fraction of a millimeter. This is enough for the motor to stop showing signs of life. So make sure that the masters are sure to use these same stoppers.



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